Monday, September 04, 2006

Wow, I feel special!

Labor Day is kind of a big deal 'round my parts. The town in which I live doesn't really do anything, but neighboring small town (NST) has a bunch of festivities. A carnival comes to town, one of the state's largest Bocce ball tournaments is held in NST, and a big Labor Day parade is pretty much the culmination of the festivities. People from all over the area come to put their horses, tractors, floats, legion members, marching bands, and cool cars in the parade. One year, they even had three parachuters jump in on the parade. Unfortunately, one hit a street light or some wires (I remember seeing the accident, but I don't remember what the guy hit; I was not even a teenager at that time) and was seriously injured. They've not done that since. Anyway, so last Thursday I was the hostess at Restaurant. We have a lovely older couple who comes in on Thursdays whom I truly respect. They are just nice people. You know the sort; they always have kind words and ask about life, school, and all that good stuff, and they truly seem to care. Anyway, the Mr.(Whom we shall call Mr. MooCow, because he farmed in his younger days) asked me if I was going to the Labor Day parade. I said, "Usually I do, so probably." He said, "I'll be in it with my '72 Vet." I told him that would be cool, and I asked him if he would be throwing candy. He said, "I don't know if I'll have candy or not. We'll have to see. You know, I'll pick some up and throw it for the kids." So, I said, "If you see me, throw me some!" I was half-joking because the candy is supposed to be for the kids, but really, who can turn down candy? So fast-forward to the parade today. I sat uptown with my sisters, BiL, "Howard" and some other friends and acquaintences. We watched the parade and laughed as all the kids scrambled for the candy that was being thrown around. I looked and looked for Mr. MooCow, but I wasn't seeing him. The parade neared the end and a bunch of corvettes drove past, but no bright yellow, 1972 corvette showed. So, finally, I stood up and looked down the street and saw it coming. So, I sat back down and when he got closer, I saw him throwing butterscotches, tootsie rolls, and peppermints to the kids. And when he got closer yet, I yelled, "HI Mr. MooCow!" and he was doing the rote parade wave. You know, the one where you just turn in the direction of who said your name and wave. But then, he saw me and got a big smile on his face and waved a real wave before reaching down and throwing me two special Baby Ruth bars! Haha. The kids next to me snatched them up, but that was ok. He had "special" candy for me! I just thought that was so nice. He made my day. He really did. People like that make life so much easier and fun. He made the day of some kid he barely knows by just doing one act of niceness that could be overlooked by so many in our fast-paced world. And for people like Mr. MooCow, I say, "Thanks, God."

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