Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I did it!

Ok, so actually, I did two things! Here they are...

Yesterday, after work, I was sitting around with the boss at the bar. I always sit out there for at least a few minutes with him because we chat a little bit and then I leave. I've been a complete chicken with telling him when I'm leaving, but last night, during a commercial (I wanted to make sure I had his undivided attention) I told him that December 1 would be my last day. I said, "Boss, December One. That is going to be my last day here. It's a Friday." He said, "Ok. We're really going to miss you." And I didn't say anything to that. Then I said, "OK, bye now." Not really, but you're not interested in the other chit chat we had... I'm thrilled. 45 working days left! Yeehaw!

The other thing I did is a little more exciting to me... I submitted my application to Seminary. I did it online because they waive the application fee if you do it online. I snail-mailed by autobiographical essay to them. 3 out of 4 of my references have submitted their forms, and I just sent my other clergy reference the forms today. OH yeah, let me tell you about that...

Remember how I was discouraged because I don't know many pastors and so I had to call someone to ask if he would be my other rostered leader reference? Well, he said he would be, so long as we had a meeting and got to know each other a little better. That was supposed to take place on October 7. But, my pastor had a new suggestion (He suggested the guy in the first place) that I have the Assistant to the Bishop (A to the B from here on out) for Candidacy Affairs be my other reference. So, I called her and she agreed because she already knows me. So, I talked to the other person and told him that I was very grateful for his willingness, but I realized that I did know another pastor. He thought that would be better too, because the A to the B knows me in a more natural way. So, I sent the A to the B for Cand. Affairs the forms today, and I trust she will fill them out and send them off expeditiously.

So, because that was straightened out, I asked Pastor if it would be a good time to apply, and he said yes. So, I came home from school today, ironed my pants for work, and then applied! I'm excited. Hopefully they accept me. I really want to go!

On a completely unrelated note... A little child made my day on Sunday. The kids sang during worship, so Ma and I had to sit a pew back from where we normally sit. The Sunday School kids came in and sat in the first 4 pews while waiting to get up and sing. So, anyway, once they were done, they all went to their parents. Well, one parent who was sitting directly behind me didn't have room for both of her kids in the pew, so she asked the girl to sit in my pew by me. She did. I noticed she was drawing a little something and it looked cool, so I said, "That looks really cool!" and she said, "Thanks." So, I didn't think much else of it. After worship though, as we were all ushered out to shake hands with Pastor, I talked to him for a brief moment about the reference form that I put on his desk. Then I kept going so as to not hold up the line. All of a sudden I heard the little voice say, "I drew this for you!" I looked down and the little girl handed me a picture that she drew on the back of a communion card. It says, "God, Jesses" (meaning Jesus, obviously) and then it has a picture of a cross, and of God (with a beard) and Jesus (with a smile). The words on it said, "God Loves YOU" I thought it was so cool. I said, "Thank you! I really like this!" And I meant it. I have it here on my desk because I think it is special that a little girl is so willing to tell others that God loves them. I drew her a little picture in return that I plan to give her on Sunday. I hope it offers her encouragement, because I just think that it is so cool that she was willing to tell me, whom she had never met or talked to before, that God loves me. Anyway, that's it. See ya.

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