Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I was wondering...

You know, I've wondered something (A particular something) at various points throughout my teenage and early adult years that I've never actually put out there verbally or in written form. But, tonight, I just decided that I would ask. Hopefully someone might comment and let me know their thoughts. But, what I've wondered is if kids, teens, and early adults go about their lives and think about people in their lives who act kind of as a surrogate parent. I have thought of several people in my life as kind of a surrogate father, but I was unsure if that was because my own dad died when I was 12, or if this is something that is normal. At various points in my life, I have come to love some men in a fatherly sort of way. Now, what I was wondering is if this is something all/most people do, or if only those of us who do not have a parent think in these ways. I have grown to love some of these men (There have been 3 total, so don't think I'm some psycho who slaps the "fatherly love" emotion on any man who comes into my life who is older than I am) because they actually remind me of my dad, and one I love because he makes me think of the "ideal dad," even though all dads have their faults. Any thoughts? I really am curious. Lay it on me.

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Jae said...

I've done that because I have such a crappy relationship with my dad.

I worked for a professor for a year and fell in love with him in that way because he and I could talk the way I would like for my dad and I to talk.