Monday, September 11, 2006

Lots o' Stuff

Well... It's Monday. This morning, I was woken up by house-shaking thunder and strobe-light lightning. It was cool though. A little scary, but cool. I woke up and thought, "I'm going to die if a tornado rips my house away because I'm too tired to get up." But, I fell back to sleep for another hour or so, so it was all good. Worship yesterday went fairly well. Even at the church with no musical accompaniment. Although, for one hymn, I said, "We will alternate left side to right side for this hymn." And then I opened the LBW and saw that it was only a one-verse hymn. DUH! haha. So, I said, "Oops, I guess that's a bad idea. How about we read this one all together." The congregation laughed a little, so at least they weren't thinking, "What an idiot!" Otherwise, worship went well. Sis, BiL, and Howard came to our church (not to be confused with the "other" church I did). I almost feel bad for admitting this but, I had to steel myself while reading the Gospel lesson because Howard and I "talk" a lot (keep in mind he's 5 months old) when I'm playing with him. While I was reading the Gospel, he started babbling, I think in response to my voice. I cracked a smile and didn't want to turn into a pile of laughing mush, so I had to block his little voice out. It was cute though. The people in the first few rows may have noticed a smile befall my face as he started his little conversation. I love that child like crazy. Actually, I love BOTH of my nephews like crazy. They're special little people.

In other news, I called the seminary to which I hope to apply today. I called one of the professors who has been in conversation with my pastor. I wanted to hear what he has to say about starting in January. Any seminarians out there want to weigh in on this issue? Do you think it's a good or bad idea to start in January? When did you start, and how long did you take? I'm curious about these things. I also called the seminary to try to set up a visit. Sis and BiL want to go with me to check the place out and perhaps look at the residence hall rooms to see what kinds of stuff I will need to take. They want to go with me to visit sometime this month, so I would really like to get this set up. Unfortunately, no one was in the office there, or in the professor's office. Ah well. Another time, perhaps. Anyway, that's long enough for now. I will post something cool in just a moment that I saw on a friend's blog. It's amusing. See ya.

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