Sunday, August 06, 2006

A good song...

Have you ever heard the song, "When Did You Fall?" by Chris Rice? I was going to post the lyrics on this page, but I looked them up and at the bottom it says they are not to be reproduced w/o express consent from the publisher. However, I can direct you to the site. The song is about him realizing someone loves him. He didn't realize it at the beginning, but now that it has dawned on him, he has embraced the relationship. I really like this song, not only because the tune is bouncy and fun, but because it seems we so often don't see love clearly.

Love, my friends, is a complicated issue. Such as, what is the difference between love between really good friends who enjoy each other's company and romantic love? If that spark is there, and the relationship, although in a friendly manner, has lasted many years, could it evolve into romantic love? How do the friends know? What if one feels it and the other doesn't? How does the one find out if the other feels the same way? I wrote a whole different post regarding this, but it made me feel a little too school-girlish, so I saved it as a draft instead of posting it. I'm not very experienced in relationships, so I'm a little clueless, but whatever. I love the guy, I'm just not sure in what capacity. That frustrates me a little, but it kills me to think I could be risking the ease of our friendship if I confront him about the ambiguity of my feelings. Who knows? I don't. I'm sure you all were just DYING to read about my love life, so now you can rest tight. :) Have a good evening and if you wouldn't mind, before you go, please say a prayer for those being ordained, voted on, or otherwise called to church service today, tomorrow, or in the near future. Bye.

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T said...

I love Chris Rice! That song is great. Sorry I cant be more of a help here. Ive had good and bad experiences with the friend thing. Wish I could be of more help. Ill pray for you!