Monday, August 14, 2006


One book that changed your life: The Bible. I wish I read more inspirational type books, but, I'm a slacker.

One book that you’ve read more than once: Left Behind, the first one. Not for the theology, but just because I find it very interesting.

One book you’d want on a desert island: Aside from the Bible.... Hmm. "101 ways to get off a desert island" haha!

One book that made you laugh: I know I have laughed while reading books because people usually look at me like I'm a psycho.. But, I'm drawing a blank right now.

One book that made you cry: When I was a kid, I really liked Lurlene McDaniel books. She wrote fictional accounts about kids who were diagnosed with cancer. Just about any of her books did it for me.

One book that you wish had been written: Hmmm. Well, I used to want to be a published author, but that desire has gone by the wayside. I guess I'd like to see an ELCA seminarian write a book about their experience with the process.

One book that you wish had never been written: Hmm. Well, I don't really wish that because people like to read different things for different reasons. If you really pressed me on it, though, I'd probably say something that promotes satanism.

One book you’re currently reading: "how to think theologically." My pastor said a guy at the seminary suggests it to those considering theological education.

One book you’ve been meaning to read: "Discovering Hope: Building Vitality in Rural Congregations" It's on my list right after "How to Think Theologically" because it deals with what we're doing now with the Natural Church Development process.

Now tag five people: You know, I don't think 5 people read this blog, but if you're going to twist my arm, I'll say RuthRe, Inheritor of Heaven, Jae, and I think that's all I have! Ha. Thanks to Tara over at Praying on the Prairie for inviting me to participate in this!

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