Sunday, October 09, 2005

Woo Doggies, I have archives!

Hey now.. I have real archives that actually have posts in them. I'm excited about that. You would not believe it. So, I didn't get anything done this weekend that I wanted to get done. Well, except I bought some new clothes. I rarely go shopping, so I guess that's something to be proud of. I'm kind of bored and stuff right now. I wish it wasn't getting colder. I wish this semester was over. I wish I was accepted into the whole candidacy process already. I wish a lot of things, but wishing is not getting these things done. Day by day, I must proceed. There was a "social gathering" at Pastor's other church today for a boy who died in a car accident a while ago. (Pastor has 2 churches because we live in a rural type area). Anyway, the young man died not a couple days ago Friday, but like, LAST week Friday. They waited till Pastor got back from vacation because they wanted him to do the services. So, instead of a visitation, they had a social gathering. I really feel for those people. It really sucks when someone dies all unexpectedly and stuff. A bunch of people I went to high school with have died and I'm only 22. So, I have been in a situation like the one the friends of this young man are in now. I really feel for them. :( I just can hope that they can get to a place where they are not angry or bitter anymore, but I fully realize it may take a while. Trust me, I know it can and often does take a while. But anyway. I have to go now. I'm going to hit the hay early tonight. Hasta.

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