Thursday, October 20, 2005

I really hate scheduling...

Is it me, or does scheduling completely suck!? I hate it more than is really logical. Right now I am in the process of registering for next semester's classes. I want to take 16 credit hours because one of the classes I'm taking is only 8 weeks long. I also want to take that many because I want to take a summer class next summer so I can have a really light last semester (I heard Soc. 300 can be a killer). So, I'm trying to sign up for these classes, but some of them are closed already. That in itself is something I don't really understand because I'm going to be a senior, and the class I wanted to take that I'm not able to is in my major. So, I wanted to take this FCS class because it sounded cool, but I haven't met the requirements. Therefore, I must go visit the advisor to beg her to please let me into the freakin' class. Ugh. I wish they'd just say, "Trish, you take these 6 classes and you'll be all good." Really, that's what I want. But no... I have to be an adult, ok and now I have realized I'm being a whiner. Sorry. But I feel better now that I have that off my chest. If that chick won't let me into the class, I'll just have to choose something else, I guess. Anyway. I only need to pick out one more class. So, it'll be fine. Really. I need to go now. It's past my bedtime. zzzZZZzzz

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