Friday, October 14, 2005

Praise the Lord!

Today is midterm, at long last! Praise the Lord for bringing me thus far! Yay!

So, anyway, today is officially midterm. On Monday when we come back here, the semester will officially be half over. I had an advisement appointment with my academic adviser the other day and I'm a little scared about next semester. I'm having a difficult time finding classes that fit my schedule. I don't really want to give up work, you know, cuz you have to have money to get here, but I really really REALLY want to be done with ISU by December '06. I know, I know... We make plans, God laughs, but this is something I'm really working toward. I guess if worse comes to worse, I will just have to make a schedule where I won't be able to work Tuesdays and Thursdays. wow, I'm awful at typing today. I burned my fingers yesterday on the coffee machine at work and I think I damaged 'em! AHHH! Anyway. I just wanted to let all of posterity know that it is midterm. Oh, and I still don't know if I passed my background check yet. Because I'm a big ol' felon. (I'm kidding, I'm not. Although I'm allowed to joke because I have lots of contact with felons and I am not kidding around because I think I'm "better" than they are.) Anyway. I'm off to nurse my burnt hands. Bye.

(note from the author: please forgive my overuse of ellipses '...' and exclamation points. I'm easily excited and amused. Oh yeah, and sorry about misspellings, too.)

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