Saturday, September 08, 2007

High Ropes and Interview!

Ok, so I just got back from the high ropes course a couple of minutes ago. It was SO cool! I was scared like you wouldn't believe for the first one, but then I realized that the belayers had control of it, so all was good. I think I did pretty decently on this stuff. It was awesome! And the zip line was super cool, too! Huge shout out to all the belayers and to the lead facilitator! Ha.

Anyway, T over at Praying on the Prairie interviewed me. the rules:
1. If you are interested in being interviewed, leave me a comment saying “Interview me.”2. I will respond by posting five questions for you. I get to pick the questions.3. You will update your blog with a post containing your answers to the questions.4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

So, if you want me to interview you, comment away!

T's questions to me and my answers:

1. If you could spend a day with any celebrity, who would you spend it with and why? I would have to say Zach Braff (J.D. Dorian from Scrubs) just because he seems like a LOT of fun. Plus, I love the show. But really, I am not that big into celebrities. What matters to me is if you're fun and open to new experiences.

2. What is your favorite children's book of all time? This is EASY! Morris Goes to School. It's about a Moose who can't read, so he goes to school so he can go to the candy store and read and count the money he has so he can buy the proper amount of candy. It was the FIRST book I ever read all by myself.

3. What is your favorite bedtime snack? Sunflower Seeds, hands down. I love them. They're salty and delicious!

4. If you won some money and could only give it to a small town of 500 or less, what would you tell them to use the money for? I'd say probably get some activities for the kids so they could stay out of trouble and not think they could be all city/urban and make their own trouble. Kids need constructive things to do.

5. Since you are attending seminary, what has been your fave event of prologue week? I'd have to say that this is a toss-up. I really liked doing the "walkabout" activity where we went in groups/pairs/threes and went to our areas and tried to talk to people about ordinary things to see the "religious" in their lives. I also enjoyed doing the interview with another classmate. We had to pick a partner we didn't know very well and ask some questions about their theology. It was a really great getting to know you exercise, and it also let me practice my listening/questioning skills. I had a good time.

Ok, so if you want me to interview you, bring it on!

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T said...

I finally got around to reading your responses. Sounds like you had fun at the ropes course. I did it one time. I was scared and it was raining hard but I managed to get across!