Saturday, July 29, 2006

The wedding

My friend's wedding went very well. I didn't Porky Pig the reading, although I did make myself look dorky at one point. Because I was passing out bulletins with my friend "Jacki," we asked my other friend "Paige's" fiance "Chris" to save us some seats. "Paige" was a bridesmaid, so she wouldn't be sitting with him. Well, he sat toward the wall and not toward the aisle, and so when "Jacki" and I went in to be seated as the service was about to begin, I had to sit on the end of the pew toward the wall. A gentleman who goes to church with me was filming the ceremony because he's related to the bride. He stood right by us, but in a recess in the wall so as to not get in anyone's line of sight. Well, when it was time to get up to read, I whacked my knee on the pew in front of me and said, "Ow." I realized a moment later that my little "ow" probably is going to end up on the tape. I hope the newly married couple finds that funny and not stupid, because I couldn't help myself from saying it. I really whacked the ol' knee pretty good. But anyway, several people from my church were at the wedding because we live in a small community and the bride is related to several people from my church. So, I told the ex-president of the council who was the prez when I started that the Candidacy Committee gave me the unofficial thumbs up. His term was up last year, though, so this year we have a new president. But, I told him that, and I was going to try to keep it a secret until I could announce it tomorrow before worship. But, as I was passing out bulletins, another church member came in and asked how it went today, and I told her really well, and that they gave me the green light. So, she hugged me and her husband said congrats, and then I turned and saw practically a LINE of my church folks, so by the end of the night, I'd guess about 1/4 of the congregation has already heard that I got the go ahead from the C.C. Haha. Oh well. I'll still be able to tell the congregation tomorrow because SOME of them were not at the wedding or reception. The pastor at the church today even heard about my good news and said congratulations. So, it was interesting. Anyway, the wedding was really nice, although it really started storming hard when we were on our way to the reception. Thunder, lightning, driving rain... it was slightly frightening. But, the reception also turned out to be quite fun. I danced, I served cake, I raised my glass in a toast, (I didn't say the toast, I just drank to toast the couple) I heard a bunch of congrats from my church family, and then I came home. So, it's been good. Today is a good day, but with all the excitement I'm really tired and I have a slight headache, so I'll be going now so I can practice my sermon for tomorrow. Have a fabulous day.

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