Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Little Things

Sometimes, in life, the little things can really offer a boost to help a person through the day. In response to a little challenge from Tara over at Praying on the Prairie, I've been trying to think of ways that people use the "little things" to speak God's presence into my life. It may sound insignificant to you all, but I have noticed a few little things this past week. Although, maybe insignificant is the point... Thursday at Restaurant, I was the hostess. Well, that day, I think maybe five or six people talked to me about my hopeful future vocation. Usually I don't even get that many comments a week, but these people were encouraging and supporting me all day Thursday. It just seems amazing to me because as I draw closer to my Candidacy Interview on the 29th, it just seems that people are all gung-ho for me. That is really nice, especially since my psychological profile details that I respond very well to affirmation. To me, those people who have asked and encouraged me have been one way that affirms that God does know me quite well, and that God cares for me so much that he sends people into my life who speak to me in ways that really touch my heart. So, I encourage you to check out Tara's post about the seemingly "little things." Anyway, be blessed. This is going to be a really hectic, busy week for me coming up, so hopefully I will be able to blog about it. I'm going to my 5 year class reunion tonight, and I have stuff above the ordinary to do almost every day this coming week. So, I am not falling off the face of the planet, I'm just incredibly busy. So, see ya later.

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T said...

Im glad you liked my challenge. I was hoping that it would inspire just a few to take a look at the "little things" over the week. Thanks!