Friday, May 05, 2006


Nope, sorry to disappoint you, nothing exciting is going on! So, you might ask, "Why did she title this post, 'woah!'?" I don't know if I got that punctuation right, sorry any English freaks out there... Anyway, I was just thinking about Joey Lawrence, the guy who is pretty much credited with coining that phrase for the t.v. show "Blossom." I don't know WHY I was thinking about him, but I was. Anyway... The semester is almost over. I had two finals yesterday, I sent in a paper today, I have another paper due Monday, a final Monday, and my last final should be Tuesday. That is, of course, if I got a good enough grade on my most recent Psych test. The professor only counts 3 of the possible 4 exam grades, and since it is impossible for me to have gotten an A, I am shooting for a B. If I successfully attained my B with the latest test, I don't have to take the final. Here's hoping. Anyway, I have to go check now. Hopefully, hopefully, hopefully, Dude! Yeah!!!!!!!!!! I DID IT! Wooohoooo! Granted, it's the lowest possible B I could get, but I did it, all the same! That class was hard! I got a B! *Does a happy little dance* I have to go celebrate now! Bye!

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