Sunday, May 14, 2006

Life is good.

Today was a great day for me. I spent the night at Sis's house last night because it's just nice to get away sometimes. Even though Sis woke me up a few times (inadvertently) in the night to change "Howard" (the diapers and changing table is in "my" room), I still woke up on the right side of the bed. Even when BiL came up and said, "Hey Trish, come down and help me cut up the ham for tonight." I wasn't crabby. I got up, went down, helped chop up 120 pounds of ham, and further did some things. We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast, I got to hold my little buddy. I got to help Sis give him a bath today. Oh my goodness, he has curly hair when it's wet! He's adorable! Well, hanging out at Chez Sis's was not the only thing I did today. One of my best friends graduated college yesterday, and so I went to her graduation party! That was fun. Oh yeah! A "shout out" to all of my newly graduated friends: Jae, Dan, Christina, Sara, and Mark! Yay for you guys! It's something! Well, so after the party, I went to another function: a benefit for a gentleman who has had some bad medical times lately. So, that was good. Everyone was in good spirits, even "Jerry" who is the one who is sick. We didn't stay too late at that though because it was getting too loud for Howard. So, I followed Sis home and then chilled with her tonight. I was holding the baby and he fell asleep on me and that is about the best feeling in the world. :) :) :) Happy. I love that child like crazee!!! But anyway, I have found myself to be kind of a gusher about him, I'm sure that most people out there don't care! Lol. Whatever. Anyway, the events of the day have pushed the "stress" of the past week out of my mind. It's been a wonderful day. I'm very grateful for my friends and family who are so wonderful. And now I have to go put my stuff in the dryer and go to bed! Mother's Day is technically today. Happy Mom's day all you people who have had the blessing and opportunity to lead little ones! Be blessed.

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