Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Sometimes working with the public as a food service employee is a wonderful experience. Sometimes, we get to meet some really awesome people who just make you feel wonderful the second you see them walk through the door. But, the interesting thing about food service is that most of us don't get to know the people thoroughly, so we can just go about with the facet of that person we know. So tonight, these people who come in semi-frequently were in. I am the only person there who likes these people. I don't know why they don't like anyone else, or why no one else likes them, but I think they are fine. But tonight, we were DEAD slow by the time they came in, so they were the only people in there. And since we had no host tonight, I was the only person out there with them. So, we all got to talk a little more. Well, religion came up as a topic, which I generally try to steer clear of with them because they seem to be VERY!!! conservative and I am a little less conservative. Anyway, so the Mrs. asked if I still went to "that Lutheran Church" in X town. And I said yes. Then she said that she wasn't very happy with the Lutheran people as a whole right now because of all that has happened with the "homosexual thing." And I asked her what she meant. That is when she said, "They're allowing homosexual marriages." And I told her that what they decided on was to keep the dialogue open and to minister to gay and lesbian people as a way to not completely alienate the homosexual community. And she said, "A little leven levens the whole lot." And I just kinda looked at her and made an excuse to go into the kitchen for a little while. I still like the woman and her whole family, but Jesus was not about telling the outcast that they are further shunned. Jesus was about inviting people into community in order that they might know they are loved. While my whole thought process about this "issue" is not set in stone, I feel like we should definitely NOT be excluding homosexual people. I think all people fall short of the glory of God, so let the one of us who is without sin cast the first stone. I was glad she dropped that by the time I came back out into the dining room. I usually make it my business to not get into "upsetting" topics at work because it is not my place to make people uncomfortable while they are at my place of employment. But it just got me thinking, you know? That's it for now, I guess. Hasta.

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