Thursday, September 29, 2005

An interesting observation (in my opinion, anyway)

Today after statistics, I went outside for just a moment because the hallway was jam-packed full of people. So, as I was standing outside, I couldn't help but people watch. I always like this because college is a place of immense diversity. I have been a people watcher for a long time. My best friend and I used to sit in the upstairs outer hallway at high school and watch as people arrived at school in the morning, and then give them funny little nicknames because of some nuance they did when they thought no one else was watching. But anyway, I digress. So, I was watching all these people going into the building and coming out. Now, there are a few sets of doors; two or three sets of two doors each. People are filing in and filing out and it is a melee of people. Interesting enough in itself. But anyway, most of the people traveling through those doors were coming out with only a few people going in. With all the doors that lead to the outside, a person would think that it would be a pretty swift exchange of people going in and coming out. But, the thing that made me laugh was that the people going in were waiting for the people coming out to clear the doorways that were open, instead of taking their hands out of their pockets for three seconds in order to open the closed doors. I mean, really... We're in college. You would think they'd get the idea that those doors open, too. Wouldn't you? And the thing is, this isn't an isolated incident. It happens ALL the time!!! No matter where I go, it seems people don't want to open both the doors. Why not? It makes the traffic go so much quicker. I don't know. So, I laughed anyway. And then when one "above average" guy decided to open the other door, I applauded. Good for him for thinking independently. Good grief.

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