Saturday, September 17, 2005

After a long time away...

So, here I sit, listening to "My Cousin Vinny" in the background. It's at the part where the girlfriend is saying "Vinny, you're going down in flames and I can't do anything to help you!" I just think it's kind of funny because she ends up pretty much winning the case for him. I don't know. The whole movie is just pretty funny. Anyway... So, I have been away from this blogging thing for a long time. Why come back, you may ask? Why not do the world a big fat favor and leave us alone? Well, because I know that would not really be a favor. You love me, and you know it! Yeah. So anyway, the real reason I am coming back is because I have found an absolutely awesome blog that I read practically religiously, although right now I'm pretty much in the archives section. The dude's blog just makes me laugh to no end, and although I'm probably not that clever, I decided to give it a try. Maybe I'll link to it later. So, like it says in my profile, I am starting the candidacy process to become a rostered leader in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. So, I had to write an autobiography, fill out some forms, and various other things. It's been very very interesting. It's exciting, but also nerve racking to a certain extent. Trying to let go and let God, as they say... So, that is a little introduction to me. Hopefully I'll be a little more faithful in the future. Who knows, maybe I can get some readers!

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