Thursday, November 30, 2006

You'd almost think I was the crying sort...

Tonight (well, last night if you want to get technical) I was waitressing at Restaurant. We were busy! People came in all at once, and we were somewhat short on help. But, we managed. The customers were really nice and patient, considering the cook was sort of slow on moving the food out tonight. But, he isn't usually the cook, so he did alright in my book. Anyway, two of my Tuesday night regulars were in on Tuesday, and I told them that I will be done at Restaurant on Friday. So, tonight, near the end, I was figuring up tickets (we don't have that computer thing that does them; it's done by hand) and when I was done, I put my book into my apron pocket. I turned around, and there was the Tuesday night regular man. He said, "Hey Trish! This is for you for your upcoming graduation." He handed me a card with "Trish" on it. I said, "Thank you! I really appreciate that!" And he said, "Congratulations, and good luck!" And then he turned around and left. Once we were all done with work and clean up and everything, I opened the card. It's such a nice card from him and his wife. They even wrote a note in there. It warms my heart to know that people I've come to know from there care enough about me to go out of their way to wish me the best of luck. I know I just blogged about being touched, but here I am, yet again, moved (almost to tears) by the fondness and appreciation people have shown me. A simple card means so much to me. I guess it just goes to show that it doesn't take a large, showy action to show love to those around us. We can be the hands and feet of our Lord by doing a simple action or offering a few encouraging words. I'm amazed. I'm blessed. I'm loved. I'm thankful.

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