Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A little song by me (Just be glad you can't hear me singing it)

Verse 1:
I go to school at Illinois State
And I like to Pro-cras-tin-ate
All my papers are gonna be late
and my group'll throw me in the river to be fish bait

Ooohhh, procrastinate, procrastinate
Oooohhh, late, late, late
Ooohhh, procrastinate, late, fish bait

Verse 2:
I should be writing a paper due this week
But instead I'm writing a song that reeks
Cuz I'm really a great big geek
An easy semester is what I seek

Oooohhh, this week, this week
Oooohhhh, song that reeks
Oooohhh, this week and my song reeks

Verse 3:
It's time to return to my stuff
I need to get off my lazy duff
I can add lots of adjective for fluff
To make my paper long ENOUGH!!

Ooooh, stuff, stuff, stuff
OOOhhhhh, lazy duff, lazy duff
Ooohhh, adjectives for fluff.

The End. Anybody out there gifted with putting lyrics to music? I think we have a top ten hit.

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