Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Something I haven't done in a little while

This coming Sunday, Pastor, his wife, and one of his sons are going to be out of state to visit the other son. That means that I get to lead worship! Now, Pastor has been having me help him for the past few weeks, but I don't think i do a very good job. The whole having two people lead worship thing is something we've not done regularly during my years there, and so it's a new experience. I'm trying to get better at it; I just hope Pastor stays patient with me. But, since he's gone this Sunday, I am doing it by myself at my church, and with someone else at the other church he pastors. That's easy though, because all I have to do at OC (other church) is read the Gospel lesson and preach the message. At my church, I get to do it all, except for read the lessons and the prayers of the people. I'm excited. I just got done writing church message 18. I sent it off to Pastor, so hopefully he will get a chance to read it and say yay or nay. I actually feel pretty good about this message. I hope it gets the yay. If it does, it might be the first of my sermons I ever post on here. I'm a wimp though, so we'll have to see. Anyway, just thought I'd post a little, so here it is. Have a good one, and a Happy Thanksgiving!


Inheritor of Heaven said...

I hope it goes well. Happy thanksgiving and thanks for the comment. You should post a sermon.

1-4 Grace said...

I will be thinking of you. Working with some one and figuring out the kinks can be hard. It takes a while.
I am preaching this Sunday too. Actually had two in a row due to death in sr. pastor's family last week. Anyhow, it can still give me butterflies, but I totally encourage you to try the new, borrow fro mthe old, and use own ideas. The worst thing that happens is folks don't like it and then you move on. the best thing is they love it and you score a few points! Happy T-day and here's a stone (o). And a hug {}