Monday, April 24, 2006


This week has been very interesting. I'm just sitting here in amazement, really. Ever since the birth of my little nephew, it seems that I've been much more thankful. He's so wonderful. An innocent, sweet, adorable, new little life is here for us to shape and love and cherish. Tonight I was over at Sis's house and BiL went to his league bowling night. "Howard" (The baby) was sleeping in his bouncy chair on the table because Sis can't bend down right now due to the C-Section she had to deliver him. I could see him at all times from where I was sitting, but I got up every few minutes just to go look at him. Then Sis would come out and look at him. Then, when BiL came home he said, "What are you doing? Just looking at him? Well, stop it, there are people on the front porch who want to look at him too!" (that last part was said in jest, he didn't really expect us to stop looking at him). No one had knocked though, so we were just looking at the little guy. He's just so cute. I love the little guy, and I've only "known" him for 5 days. He's just a wonderful blessing and I'm grateful to God to be given the opportunity to be his aunt.

So, enough emotional blubbering.. Haha. Saturday night I came home from Sis and BiL's house and realized that I'm preaching next Sunday. So, I sat down and wrote a message. I think it's one of the better messages I've ever written, but as soon as I see that Pastor has replied, I will think it is awful. This is before reading his comments though, because he is never anything but constructive and supporting. He's made changes to the message I've prepared before, but always in a positive, non-condemning sort of way. But the fact of the matter is that whenever I see he has replied to something I've written, I get this feeling like he's going to say, "Trish, what's wrong with you? That really could use some work." And this feeling is completely unsubstantiated, because as I've said before, Pastor has never been anything but affirming and encouraging. So, it's just me and my low self-efficacy. But anyway, I'm excited to be leading worship next Sunday, and I hope that God uses me as an instrument of grace and peace. :) And now, with that said, I look down and see that my update is about downloaded. So, I'll be installing this and going to bed. You all have a good day.

P.S. Finals weeks is coming up; pray for me!

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