Friday, April 07, 2006

I'm not a good cook.

Wow. I am really, REALLY not a good cook. I don't EVER make anything from scratch that involves more than what a grilled cheese involves. I'm bad at making things, heating things, or even just figuring out what is in food dishes. For example, tonight, I came home from Restaurant and decided to have a chicken pattie. You know the kind, where they're fully cooked, you just have to pan fry, bake, or microwave it to done-ness. Well, I made it, and was eating it on a bun and when I got to the middle, I thought, "Chicken patties are NOT supposed to be cold in the middle." Ha. So, I can't even get something that is designed for kitchen dummies like me right! Man, and I have worked in a restaurant for almost 9 years, go figure.

On another note, I am not inept in all areas of my life. I can and do like to use tools when the situation warrants it. I didn't have to "fix" anything today, but I thought, "It's getting SO nice outside that I need to get my bike ready to go out." If you've been reading the ol' blog a while, you will remember me telling you that I no longer drive a big Jeep Cherokee where I just had to open the hatch and throw one whole and complete bike in the back to air up the tires. Now I drive a little Neon which necessitates me folding down the seats and taking the front tire and brake pad off the bike in order to take it to town to air up. So, I did that. It's been on my "To do" list for about a month now. I'm happy though. If I was not such a procrastinator, I could have gone for a bike ride on Wednesday because it was absolutely gorgeous outside. But, I had a 6-7 page paper due Thursday that I didn't start on until Wednesday around noon... So, the bike ride went to the back burner. On a happy note, I did get the paper done. I just hope I get a decent grade. It is my own procrastination that is leading me to the "B" work I've done this semester. I'm bad. Anyway... I'm kind of just procrastinating right now. Why, you may ask? Well, I got home from work and went into the kitchen to find my absolute FAVORITE kind of ice cream sitting on the counter. The bad part? Mom forgot to put it in the freezer. So, I picked it up and found it to be a completely runny mess. I quickly threw it back in the freezer, hoping that ice cream will retake its former shape. I'm having doubts though. Who knows?

And my last bit of information tonight... I have plans for tomorrow! I'm SO EXCITED! One of my very best friends and I are going to see ICE AGE 2 and perhaps get a bite to eat and probably hang out at Mal-Wart or something. I haven't seen him for a few months, so I'm very excited. He's a blast to hang out with whenever we get together. We used to date, but that didn't work out, so we didn't talk to each other for a while. But now, we're just great friends. So, I'm excited. Anyway, hopefully you all have a good Saturday as well! Bye.

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