Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Thanks be to God.

I am the proud aunt of a brand new, 7 pound, 14 ounce, 19 inch long, bouncing baby boy! Monday night, I went with Sis and Brother in Law (BiL) to the hospital because she was scheduled to be induced into labor. We thought it was going to be a fairly quick process. When we got there, the nurse took us to the "birthing room" Sis was assigned to. It was nice. There was a couch, a chair, a T.V., DVD/VCR player, furniture, and all kinds of stuff. Sis got settled in and BiL and I sat on the couch. We tried watching a little T.V. but my head was just going a mile a minute. So, the nurse came in and was explaining some things and she asked Sis to change into the robe they provide and all that jazz. So, this is where Nurse tells us that they are giving her one dose of medicine every 4 hours, for 4 doses. That meant 16 hours until they were even planning to give her the more potent stuff! So, after realizing that "howard" would not be born last night, BiL offered to go get some stuff for her to do at Mal-Wart. So, I stayed and BiL went out. It was a lot of fun. Hospitals do not weird me out. I think it's because I had a lot of medical problems that required frequent visits to hospital settings when I was a child. If anything, hospitals bring out my "I'm going to help you" mode. So, the best way I know to help those closest to me is to make them laugh. I had Sis rolling. It was good. So, BiL got back after about an hour, and I stayed for a little while longer. Then, I had to go because I had class today. Looking back, however, I wish I would have skipped class and work because I REALLY wanted to be there for Howard's birth. Lots of people have seen him, and I haven't yet. And now I sound really petty and childish. I really shouldn't because I feel I already have a bond with the little guy. He kicked me in the head when he was still in utero. :) So, Pastor has seen him, younger Sis has seen him, BiL's sister and niece have seen him... But, I'm just grateful that he's healthy (From what I've gathered thus far), and that Sis and BiL finally get to see the little guy that God has knit together in Sis's womb. It's amazing.

So, I got the message that Sis had Howard as I was going in to work today. I was so happy and excited, but at the same time, I was really worked up. My pulse was racing and stuff and I really don't know why. I had to keep moving around for fear I was going to faint. I don't know why at all. I'm not a medical wuss in any sense, really. But, we were swamped tonight at Restaurant so I had to get over it quick. Anyway, I'm going to see Howard tomorrow, at which point I will give him a big, wet, sloppy kiss and say, "this is what you get for kicking Aunt Trishy in the head, buddy!" Hehe. Anyway, I have some stuff to do before I go to bed now. If you said any prayers for the little guy, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks be to God!

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