Saturday, January 14, 2006

More music

I'm an Internet junkie. Sorry, but that's who I am. I recently found a website for this musician who I really like. I jam out to his music in my car (granted, I've only heard one of his songs on the radio and I don't yet have the CD). People probably think I'm a psycho, but that's ok. Anyway, his name is Aaron Shust and you can hear a few of his songs on his webpage. So, I must confess that I've strayed from and have started another blog at myspace. I promise to stick with this one too, because frankly, I like the whole Independence from a Bigger Entity blog. With myspace, blogs are added on just because. I actually had to set up my account with blogspot... I can hear it now, "SHUT UP, we don't care. Get to something interesting!" Sorry, I digress.

So, I'm still waiting waiting waiting for news from synod. I know I've probably said it before, but I'm really geared up to get this sucka goin'. The Assistant to the Bishop talked to my pastor about 2 weeks ago and said that she told the Candidacy Chair to find someone for my Initial Interview. So, that is exciting. She also said I should hear something within the next few weeks. So, about 2 weeks have elapsed, so I should hear something real soon. I'm excited.

In other news, tonight at Restaurant where I work, we were slow. Now, since we had a busy week, that wasn't too upsetting to me. Actually, I was kinda happy because I got to schmooze with the people. I love schmoozing because it lets me talk to the people more. I love to make people laugh and when I'm not so hurried, it's easier to elicit those laughs. So, I had people rolling pretty much all night. I like it. Making people happy makes me happy. :) SO, I may seem boring as all get-out here, but in real life, people seem to think I'm charming and fun. I was even voted "Class Clown" in high school. Which is funny because people I met after high school don't really believe me. I'm still funny (I think), but I've changed A LOT since then. I mean, it was a whopping 5 years ago I graduated! But, that's enough about me. This has been a very long post, so I think I'm going to head off now. Have a blessed Saturday!

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