Saturday, January 28, 2006


A very interesting thing has been going on inside my brain lately at night. I've been having some bizarre dreams. I have always been one to have bizarre dreams, but I just thought I would share some of them with you now. But before I do, I would like to say that I am one who has recurring dreams. I had one of my recurring dreams last night (I had several dreams last night), but to tell you the truth, I can never remember it until I have it. But anyway, if there are any psychologists or dream analysts out there, feel free to comment.

Weird recent dream #1: I had this dream late last semester. I was in Las Vegas and some crazy man was chasing me with the intent of hurting me. I turned away from this man and started running when I thought, "I need to face this guy so he will go away." So, I turned around and my stats professor was there. I thought that the crazy guy just transformed himself into my professor to throw me off so he could get close enough to hurt me. So, I walked up to him on the streets of Vegas, mind you, and pulled out this knife and stabbed him a few times in the side. As I did this, he said, "Trish, stop that. Now I can't wear this shirt anymore!" That is when I turned around and ran away. But suddenly, I was running up stairs. Not just any stairs though, but the stairs that are in my big brother's (BB) house. The stairs were just like BB's: dark, cluttered, angled and all. I got to the top and went to the room to the left. But the room turned out to be my back porch. So, I was on my back porch looking out at my dog (she's an outside dog), and there was a wolf in the backyard looking at me and telepathically daring me to come out and protect Doggie. At this point, I'm scared that this wolf is going to hurt my poor dog, so I went and grabbed my "rifle" bb gun and opened the door to shoot this wolf. The BB gun couldn't really hurt anything too bad; especially not a wolf. So my shooting it just made it angry. So that caused it to run at my dog. Then I went out and started beating this wolf with the stock of the gun to get it to stop hurting my dog. That is about the time I woke up. My favorite part of the dream: "Trish, stop that. Now I can't wear this shirt anymore!"

Weird Recent Dream #2: I had this dream last night. I wasn't an actual participant in this dream; it was like I was watching a movie. I dreamed that this married couple were not happy with each other so they started having affairs. The woman really liked the person she was having an affair with while the same was true for her husband. Anyway, they found out about the affairs. But the weird thing is, they were having the affair with the SAME PERSON! It was a man, by the way. So, this married couple, not wanting to get divorced, moves the man with whom they are having an affair into their home into the guestroom. The guestroom had a little twin bed that the man slept in. So, when one of the two married people "wanted" him, they would come get him and take him to their big bed. And the married couple was completely happy about this arrangement. About that time, I woke up. It was very bizarre. My favorite part of the dream: Waking up and thinking, "What kind of psycho am I?"

And truly, I think that is all the weirdness I am up to posting right now. Feel free to comment if you'd like.

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