Wednesday, April 16, 2008

No Title Has Struck Me Yet.

Well, first thing is first! One of my dear, dear friends is having a birthday today! She is twenty-three years old. Happy Birthday, Friend! You rock!

This post is pretty much just going to involve me rambling, so no big changes on that front. Haha.

The presentation at church went well. I got to the church early so Pastor and I could make sure the stuff was all going to be compatible and what not. I set out a bunch of my informational flyers and stuff on a table while Pastor was putting up the screen and getting his laptop started. Then, I put my CD in the computer and it loaded up and was working fine. We wheeled the projector and laptop out of the way, took down the screen, and Pastor got ready to lead worship. He told me that he was sorry he wouldn't be able to view the presentation, but Other Church still needed him to lead worship.

After worship, Pastor said that he would be at the back to greet those who couldn't stay for the presentation. I was afraid I was going to be presenting to a very small group, and so when I turned around to go get something out of the fellowship hall that I'd forgotten, I was pleasantly surprised to see a large remnant of the congregation there. I'd say there were at least fifty people who stayed, and our average worship attendance is around 120 or so. And fifty is not a firm guess at all. I just know that A LOT of people stayed.

Pastor got the screen put back up and then he left. I thanked the people for staying and then showed them my presentation. They laughed where they were supposed to laugh, and I didn't hear any sighs like, "Hurry up already! We didn't know it was going to take this long!" When I had clicked the last slide and gave my closing comments, I stood up and the congregation clapped. I asked if there were any questions, and people actually raised their hands to ask me questions. There was a pew full of little kids who had been sitting right behind me, and they asked me some really good questions. And really, the kids were the majority of the question askers; not just the ones behind me, but the ones throughout the congregation. I fielded questions from the adults, too, but I was impressed at the quality of questions these kids were asking, and how well they had been paying attention, considering the presentation lasted about 45 minutes or so.

When I thought people were done asking questions, I said, "There is a lunch being served in the fellowship hall that you are welcome to stay for. Let us have a word of prayer." Then I gave a short grace, and they went out to eat. I was doing a few things before going out, and some more adults came up and asked me other questions. One man thought that all Palestinians are out to kill other people, but I explained that the majority of them want peace, and extreme right wing anything is bad. He said, "Wow. That's not the picture we get, is it?" And I said, "No, it isn't."

When I got out to the fellowship hall, I got a plate of food that some church folk had cooked up and supplied, and sat down by one of my cousins who had come from Peoria, Illinois to see me and my show. We also sat by a bunch of church folk, and they asked me more questions. I felt smrt. :) ha. It was a good time though. I'm so grateful that that congregation is so willing to support me in various ways; including showing interest in what I'm doing. I'm blessed.

Anyway, this post was more focused than I thought it would be, and it has taken a bit longer to write than I thought. It's all good though. But now, it is time to haul myself down to Audit's so we can do SGW. It's breakfast for dinner tonight, and I'ma walk because it is absolutely beautiful today. Peace out.

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