Saturday, February 24, 2007

Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

So, last night I was coming back to SeminaryTown from my day of working at the hospital for CPE. It was raining in CPETown, but the farther north I came, the more snow I started to see... By the time I got to SeminaryTown, I was slightly afraid because I couldn't really see due to the snow/rain on my windshield, the lights from all the cars, and the fact that there aren't little reflectors embedded in the road. But, I made it back here in one piece. The snow wasn't even really accumulating last night.

This morning I woke up and looked out my window. It was raining and snowing some. But, really, it didn't look that bad. I talked to my sister in law for a while, and even though I needed to go get something today, I thought that I would be fine with waiting because the weather looked like it was going to clear up.

Boy was I wrong!

After I finished talking with my sister-in-law, I got online and did some stuff. A few hours later, I looked outside and saw a whole bunch of snow everywhere! And the wind is blowing it all around, too. But, I needed to go get my stuff today, so I went to my car, spent about twenty minutes scraping the windows, and I took off. I drove very slowly, and made it. The roads aren't very good though. On my way back, I was almost to the seminary and my little car started slipping, I think. I was going really slow, and I didn't want to hammer down on my accelerator because that would make the RPMs go up and put the engine in peril... So, I just was patient and let 4x4 vehicles pass me like no other. I made it back, safe and sound. Yeehaw. But, it's still snowing, and we got an email from the "RA" who said that the power is expected to go off tonight. Maybe we'll have a party or something in the lounge! ha.. I doubt it, but who knows.... Stay warm out there.

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Jacki said...

glad you made it through your first iowa winter storm alive!! our power was out for 18 hours :( no electricity to heat our poor little apartment makes for a coooold jacki :P