Monday, February 12, 2007

I'mmmm BAAA-AAACK...

Well, I went home this weekend. I left from CPETown because I was there and it's closer to home. When I say "home," I mean Sis and BiL's house, because their house is more fun. We had tostadas on Friday night. They were AWESOME!!!! Yeah, I love 'em. Then Saturday night, we had my absolute favorite meal: Roast, (in the oven, done medium rare) homemade mashed taters and dark brown gravy, and a chocolate dessert which YS made. That was a family dinner of sorts, and it was good.

I also went shopping this weekend and got some groceries and other things I need. I found lots of really good deals, and I'm glad that I'm stocked up now.

On the way back to Seminary last night though, it started snowing. It wasn't too bad when I passed the exit to go to CPETown. I briefly thought about going to the CPE House so I wouldn't have to go another hour and change to get to seminary. I didn't. BIG MISTAKE. About 20 minutes later, the snow started coming down harder. I had to slow down a great deal and I couldn't see the lines on the road. I was behind a bunch of people and we were creeping along at about 35 mph. I looked in the rearview and saw a cop with his lights flashing coming up behind our caravan. When I got up further, I saw a whole bunch of cop cars and other emergency vehicles on the side of the road. I saw two cars that had been involved in an accident. I hope they weren't hurt too badly.

Shortly after this point, I was almost alone on the road, save for a semi who was ahead of me and one car behind me. The car got off, and then I was just really hoping the semi would keep forging ahead to SeminaryTown. Unfortunately, the semi pulled off at one of the bigger towns about 30 miles south of SeminaryTown. So, I thought, "I'll just have to go forth on my own." But, with no one making tracks for me to follow, I couldn't see where to go. About two miles later, I decided to get off at the last exit for that bigger town. I called Sis and BiL and asked their opinion and they resounded with me and I had to rent a hotel room for the night. I was bummed, but I really don't think I could have made it all the way back. And I'd rather spend the 50 bucks on a hotel room than a tow truck. So, c'est la vie.. Anyway, that's the generalization of my weekend. Maybe I'll tell a more in depth story later. Who knows. Later.

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Jae said...

You definitely did the right thing! Glad you're ok!