Friday, March 24, 2006

What to say?

Hi. I wish some of you lurkers would leave me a comment! Feel free. I love comments. It makes me feel important!

Speaking of that though, I've been thinking lately that perhaps I rely on others too much to make me feel important. I'm a beloved child of God, I shouldn't need the approval of others to feel that I have self-worth. I'm right, right?

That last sentence was a joke. Get it? I'm seeing if you agree with me... Yeah... So, I haven't been doing very well this semester at school. I've been doing primarily "B" work. You might think there is nothing wrong with "Bs," but I don't like them. I like "As." I'm trying, but this semester just seems to be really intense with all sorts of readings and papers and stuff due. If the stuff interested me a little more it might help, but alas, many of the classes I am in are simply a part of my schedule because they fit. Ah well.

Tonight at work, I was turning up the heat for some people who were cold. Unfortunately, I also had their dirty salad plates in my hand. I am a clumsy person and I dropped the not completely empty soup bowls onto the salad bar, thus necessitating the need for me to throw away some stuff that got splashed. A whole bunch of people looked at me, too. If you know me, you can thus imagine my face turning bright red. Yeah. So, then, these 2 wonderfully amazing fairly regular customers were there, and the wife made a little joke about it. But, I was kind of hard on myself and I think I inadvertently made her feel bad about poking a little fun at me. When they got up to leave, she gave me a hug. I'm not a big fan of people touching me, but this woman is so nice, and it has just been one of those weeks. Plus, she's a nice older, grandmother-type lady, so that makes me just think of my own dear Granny.

Other than these things, nothing much has been going on. I found out why I haven't heard from the synod shrink! My Initial Interviewer has not submitted her paperwork yet. Woops! Oh well, it's not like me geting mad would do any benefit to the situation. The only thing her delay has got me questioning is if she doesn't think I'd be a good candidate... Or is she simply a procrastinator like so many other people I know (including me)? I don't know. I do know that I really enjoy using the gifts I've been given, and that I am exhilarated and enthusiastic about leading worship and preaching. I get to lead worship/preach on the last Sunday in April. I'm VERY excited about this. It seems like it's been forever since I've led worship. It is also a tentative plan that I get to do two consecutive sundays at the end of July. VERY, VERY excited. Anyway, I have to go put my clothes in the dryer and go to bed. I'm a tired girl. :) Thanks for reading. Before leaving, please say hello!

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T said...

Im leaving you a hello! Hope you are having a good day! Know that I enjoy reading your blog even though I dont always have time to comment.