Monday, August 20, 2007


This past Friday, I got back to my room after chapel and sat down. I was surprised at just how few people were in chapel Friday. There were probably 10 people, tops. I know that a lot of students go home on the weekends because they're married or have children or whatever, so that's totally understandable. However, I was BORED out of my MIND last weekend (besides Saturday night). So, I sat down, flipped open my phone to look at the time, and said, "If I leave now, I can be home by 8:00. And whaddaya know? I actually packed a bag and left! Without thinking it through or rationalizing it or anything. Now, that is very unusual for me. Usually I think things through for a long time. I just like to think of everything. But, I decided to go home this weekend, and so I did.

I had a really good weekend, for the most part. I loved seeing my nephews and Sis and BiL. I didn't get to see YS, but I will on Labor Day weekend probably. I really love my family, and missing them is one of the only things that really bothers me about being here. But Howard still remembers me and is excited to see me. Sunscreen also looks SO MUCH DIFFERENT! They're both adorable boys. I wish I could see my oldest nephew (he's 4) more often. But, I'm very blessed through my siblings and their children.

Anyway, not that you all were terribly interested in my weekend, but that is really all I had to post about.

Oh, and the 14th was my 1 year anniversary for my first skydive! Yeehaw. Anyway, have a good week.

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