Saturday, August 04, 2007


My dear, good friend Jacki got married today! It was a really beautiful ceremony. It was held in a little chapel on the campus where she went to college. I think it was extra nice because the whole ceremony just seemed so intimate. I'm all for big weddings, but this one was refreshing in the smaller size. Also, the chapel was just a really neat place for a wedding. Knowing Jacki and how much she appreciated her time at college, I know this was a really good place for her to get married. She and her new husband asked me to read during the wedding, and I was honored to say yes. I walked to the front, looked out, and read what they asked me to read, and it was just really something to not even have to use a microphone. Lest I really start repeating myself, I really enjoyed the day.

Before the wedding, I met up with three of my other friends from high school in a town nearby the college town. We had lunch, walked around a mall, and then went to the wedding. I got there a little early to be in some pictures, and I made some jokes with the photographer, some random people, and some of the people I knew. Then, after the ceremony, we went back to nearby town and had dinner at a nice Italian place. It was a day of fun, joy, and laughter. I'm grateful to have been a part of the ceremony, and to have been included in the day. I'm even more grateful for the friends I got to see today; friends who are easy to just pick up like we've never been apart. We always laugh so much when we're together, and now I can't wait for Labor Day when the bride, my friends, and I get together and share more of each others' lives! I love those people! AND CONGRATULATIONS, JACKI!!!

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Jacki said...

thank you so much for reading for us this weekend trish!! you were perfect! and i can't wait to see you either!!