Thursday, August 23, 2007

32 times

Today I was talking to YS because I needed to have a break from Greek. We were talking about getting together next weekend to hang out because I'll be home and she's not working. However, we both have plans for Saturday. Hopefully we can do something another day. Who knows. I'm slightly bummed because I'm not sure if I'll be able to go to the annual Labor Day parade in one of the small towns by my town on Monday. It's TRADITION that we go, sit on BiL's best friend's truck, and watch the parade while drinking some lovely adult beverage from a styrofoam cup. (Hey, the kids get their treats when the floats throw candy; we need our treats too!) Opening worship is slated for Monday at 6:30, I think, and if that's the case, I might not have time to see the parade. Yikes. Hopefully something'll work out though.

Anyway, we were talking about Ma today. She's been living in a nursing home for about a month or so. However, that nursing home is trying to give her the boot because she has an agenda to get out of there and go home, even though that's not a possiblity for her or us right now. She gets out and gets in peoples' cars, thinking that it is her car and that she can still drive. So, the administrator has been bugging Sis to find a new place; a place with a locked dementia unit. My feelings about the place she is are mixed right now, but hey, what are ya gonna do?

I've decided that I can't keep being so upset about this situation. I was really sad about the whole situation for a while. I didn't realize it was obvious until a good seminary friend expressed concern. So, I think I've come to a point where I have realized that the situation isn't what I would like, but I can't do anything to change it besides be there for my family. So, I think I've rebounded back to funny/charming Trish fairly well. I've been telling jokes and things in Greek and my class has been laughing quite a bit. I enjoy making people laugh. I think it's one of my spiritual gifts. Everywhere I go, people tell me that they enjoy my sense of humor. My CPE mates told me last semester that they were surprised when I didn't list my sense of humor as one of my stronger gifts. Until then, I hadn't really thought of it as a "spiritual gift." But, I guess it can be. So, lemme use it, eh?

So anyway, you must be wondering why this post is titled, "32 times." Ha. Ma has only slept a few hours total the past few days, and in one evening, she escaped 32 times. They had to PHYSICALLY carry her back in. It's not funny, and yet it is, kinda. Call me a heartless beast, but I mean, really... Laugh or go insane. I know what my choice is. Have a nice day.


Jacki said...

*hugs* I can't wait to see you this weekend! and I'll actually get to talk to you guys and not have to be crazy :D I'm sad to hear that things aren't so good with your mom but I'm glad that you're processing well :) more *hugs*

T said...

Its amazing to me how friends notice when things arent right. My friends at seminary could sense something was wrong and were able to get me to open up about my mom's situation. Im so thankful for them! That conversation and their friendships are totally blessings to my life! I am glad you are finding that there too!