Saturday, August 25, 2007


When I was at junior college, I took an introduction to psychology class with a really neat guy. He used to pass around a sheet of paper for us to write our names on and that was what he used for attendance. But, the thing is, the only times he looked at the paper was on test days. So, I gleaned that he was a funny type, and thus, I would write my name as Trishalita or Trishmolita or Trishalitalicious or Trishypants or some such thing. I found it amusing, and I figured it wouldn't be such a bad thing so long as he could get that it was me.

Anyway, after the first test, he and I were talking one day before class started. He said, "Someone wrote something mean after your name on the attendance paper." I said, "What'd they write?" And he said, "Something like, 'Trishmolita' or something." I replied, "I wrote that!" He asked me if that was really my name and I told him that Trisha is my real name, but I was just goofing around. I figured he might get a kick out of it, too.

So, fast forward to the next test day. I wrote another weird something after my name. Then, the next time we met for class, he approached me again and said, "Someone wrote something mean after your name again." I told him that it was me doing the writing, and that it was for fun. So, this pattern went on til about the last few weeks, when he started getting the joke. He started calling me funny little things like, "Trishyroo" and whatever. I found it endearing. He was slightly bizarre, but really, a very funny and charming man.

Anyway, so I was so amused by that semester's antics with the professor that I told Sis and BiL about it. They were also amused, and have since started calling me Trishmolita on occasion. Also, if you call my cell phone and get my voice mail, it says, "Trishmolita is not available...." The other day, a seminary friend called my phone while we were in class so that I could have her number since I gave her mine. Anyway, she hung up and she said, "Who's Trishmolita?" I told her the psychology story, and she was amused (I think).

Tonight, some of us went out to HyVee to get some ice cream. HyVee has individual serving things of ice cream. Since I'm not really into ice cream all that much, I thought that was great. But anyway, all day and night, the same seminary friend has been calling me "MOLITA!" And I REALLY like that nickname! It's so different! I told her to spread it around. Now it's my job to come up with a nickname that sticks with her. It may be slightly tough, but I think I'm up to the challenge.

Anyway, tonight was really awesome. I know I said it a while ago, but I'm REALLY starting to like it here. :) yay!

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T said...

Is this seminary friend a mutual friend of ours? Just curious! Maybe I can help you think of something if it is! Well Im so glad you are loving seminary. The laughing and hanging out together is the best. I totally need to come visit!