Monday, April 02, 2007

To and Fro

Well, I came back to Seminary last night after a weekend of being home, yet again. I have been home every weekend for about a month now. To tell you the truth, I'd rather stay here. Granted, I love being at my home church, and being with my family, and being able to see my nephews, and sleep in my own bed, but the back and forth is not helping me settle in. But, I feel like I need to be home because of Ma's surgery and subsequent illness. And now, I'm going home again after CPE tomorrow night because it's Holy Week and things close down up here and all that jazz. And then, April 18 is Howard's 1st birthday. I want to be there to celebrate that with the family, too. But then, I hope to stay here until the semester ends, which is May 11th. I'm leading worship and preaching on the 20th of May, so I'm looking forward to that. I helped lead worship yesterday, which was fun. As I was shaking hands with people as they left, our congregations oldest active member shook my hand and said, "You did a nice job. Oh, but what's that on your sleeve? Ha-April Fool's!" I giggled a little then, but it's crackin' me up now. I don't know... Maybe you had to be there.

Anyway, Ma is still in the hospital. They're trying to find out from where she is bleeding. She received two bags of blood on either Friday or Saturday. She's not sleeping well because when she's out of her element she doesn't. So, she's getting more and more confused again. She had been getting better while she was at the nursing home, but with all that's happening with being hospitalized, having more anesthesia for some minor procedures, and not sleeping, she's sliding back downhill. So, hopefully she'll be able to get out of the hospital soon so she can start getting with it again. Anyway, I hope you all are doing well, and that you're enjoying the promise of spring out there. I can hear the birds chirping right outside my windows. When I look out the window, I'm always surprised to see how green the grass is. Spring is a good time of year.

Oh, and after today, I probably won't be back online until next Tuesday. Sis and Bil's computer desk was moved and it's not by a phone line, and my computer will stay here. So, if you come lookin' for posts, don't think I've fallen off the face of the Earth. Hopefully BiL will use his mad skills and hook up a phone line so they can get the Internet in the dining room where there computer now is... Who knows?

Have a blessed Easter, and don't eat too much chocolate-Send it to me, instead!

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Jacki said...


i hope you have a good week at home :) and that things calm down for your mom and that she gets settled back down!! i think, once you get settled back down in our fair state, its time for a lunch date again :) i know it will be a while yet, but it can be something to look forward to. we should also discuss that crazy paige girl's wedding and see if we can't get something worked out there as far as a carpool goes...holy crap, long comment :P sorry about that!

*lots of love and hugs*