Friday, April 20, 2007

Six weird things about me...

Hmm, just for fun, I thought I'd consider myself tagged by RuthRe. I don't know if these are truly weird things, but whatever...

1. I wore the same hooded, black, zip-up sweatshirt almost EVERY SINGLE DAY of my undergraduate career. It was my security blanket, really. I still have it and wear it quite frequently, although not everyday. BTW, I DID wash it regularly.

2. I find immense joy in learning new words, and really, in the English language, on the whole. I regularly throw out new words while I am engaged in persiflage, and find it quite amusing. (Although, I try to do it in situations where the humor will be seen by those with whom I am conversing, so they don't feel dumb. I mean really... I don't think many people are dumb at all. I just like using big words.) One of my favorite sentences in the whole world is: Never use a big word when a diminutive one will suffice. The other favorite sentence? The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. Why, you may ask? Because it contains every letter in the Engligh alphabet.

3. I was about a foot shorter than the "regular" kids in my class in grade/middle school. I was the short kid who got made fun of by the older kids, and was defended fiercely by most of the kids in my own class. Now, I'm the happiest person you'll ever meet to be perfectly average. Modern medicine is wonderful.

4. I was semi-famous for a couple of years because I was the "Now You Know Girl" in my high school media class. Those of us who took media had to put on a newscast to be broadcast on Fridays throughout the school. Weird facts were my thing back then. So, I bought these prop nerd glasses and came up with humorous places to stand while my camerawoman would tape me. She'd turn on the camera and I'd say, "This week's bizarre fact: Did You Know that.... Blah blah blah... NOW YOU KNOW!" And while saying "Now you know," I would contort my face. People were coming up to me on the streets and at Restaurant for YEARS after I graduated. They would say, "Aren't you the 'Now You Know Girl?" And I would say, "Yes, yes I am." And they would ask me to do one for them. Hehe. I miss those days...

5. My oldest brother is twenty-two years older than I am, and I didn't meet him until I was five. I still remember the day because he brought his fiancee home and they brought donuts. If they'd not brought donuts... I probably wouldn't remember the day.

6. I won my school's spelling bee three times, and thus went forth to the county spelling bee. I always got out fairly soon, but it was because I was nervous. One time I was a little bit mad though, because this guy started over and changed his spelling (which you are NOT allowed to do), and he spelled it right the second time. But, when it was my turn, I did the exact same thing and got dinged out. But, hey.. What can ya do? It's not like I'm going to turn into Steve Buschemi's character on Billy Madison or anything. :) Hehe. So, these things aren't THAT weird, but I don't care. See ya.

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