Sunday, March 04, 2007

Warning: This post contains some ranting.

I talked to YS today. Mom isn't feeling well. I wonder if she's just getting really stressed about her impending surgery, or if the cancer within her is making her more ill, or if she's just coming down with something. The point is, she doesn't feel well, and with good reason. If I was facing surgery that would take organs that we take for granted out of my body, I would also not be feeling well.

So, here's the rant. My oldest brother (You remember, the one who didn't call, write, or stop by for my graduation open house) is an ass. That's right; I've taken to profanity when talking about one of my own family members. YS called OB(Oldest Brother) to tell him about Mom's surgery. He said, "I ALREADY HAVE TO TAKE A DAY OFF THAT WEEK to take Grandma to the oral surgeon!" From what I've gathered, he was being his usual, "ooh, look at me, I'm too busy" jerky self. Good to know that our mother can count on her first frickin' born to be with her on the day of her surgery. GGGGRRRRRRR. I'm so angry right now!!! PEOPLE FREAKING DIE DURING THIS TYPE OF SURGERY AND HE IS "TOO BUSY!!" The only word that is coming to my mind right now is: Damn It.


Jae said...

Let it out! Don't carry it around with you!

It's baloney and you know it! Call it what it is!

EX! CLA! MA! TION! P! O! I! N! T! S!

Jacki said...

i agree with jae, and for what its worth, send you lots of hugs! there are times when its okay to be angry and i definitely think this is one of them! i'll be keeping you and your family in my thoughts though!

more *hugs*

lutheranmom said...

I'll be praying for you and your family...I have a few of those relatives too, who think they are too busy and important to help everyone else...uuugghhh!!