Thursday, October 12, 2006

I am no cook...

Y'know... Out of all the boxed pot pies in the world, I think turkey is my favorite... That being said; beef is my least favorite of them. But, if I had my choice, I'd choose Sis's homemade pot pie, hands down. She's a good cook. Banquet has nothin' on her!


SneakerProphet said...

Hey. This is totally unrelated, but timely. I'm moving in eighteen days. I can't take a bunch of stuff. Including all my seminary books. You want them? They're yours, you just have to come get them. It's three and a half years' worth, probably more than $2000 sticker price. Yours for the taking. Let me know at if you want 'em.

RuthRE said...

Amy's brand organic pot pies kick Banquet's behind!

RuthRE said...

Organic section of just about every grocery store here.

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