Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A non-Israel Story

Tonight was pretty darn cool.

Some of the people in the dorm got together and made dinner for whoever wanted to come. They made rolls/biscuits, spaghetti and sauce, cookies, and brownies. Another person brought crackers and some really awesome cheese. I contributed salt and pepper, and I dried a bunch of dishes. Plus, I'm funny; who doesn't want me around? ha.

After dinner and dishes, I went with "J" to keep him company as he worked on some stuff around campus. It was cool. I got to see parts of the seminary I don't get to see, and it was good company.

I had to be back at my room at 8:00 though, because another friend wanted to take some of my pictures that she didn't get when we were in Israel and Palestine. So, she came and copied some while I sorted through all my souvenirs from the Holy Land and tried to remember what was for whom. I think I'm pretty much set for who is getting what. Now, I just gotta give it to them. :)

After a while, another friend came up, and we were being goofy and she was looking at what kind of food I have in my room, just for kicks and giggles. She asked why I have eggs in two places in my fridge and I told her that the three in the door are REALLY old. So, she dared me to break one open into the toilet. I couldn't resist, so I took it into the bathroom, cracked it, and waited for the yolk and white stuff to come out. But... It didn't! They're THAT old! Hehe. So, I accidentally dropped half of the egg into the toilet. We were laughing, and I was thinking, "I AM NOT putting my hand in there to get that out!" So, I flushed it. Then, my pal came and we wanted to see if a whole egg would flush. It will. So then, she took my last Old Rotten Egg, and threw it down into the bowl that was not full of water. It cracked a bunch, and then we flushed it, too.

Well... Toilets aren't really made for flushing whole eggs, so my poor commode was having some difficulties. It wasn't overflowing, but it was just acting weird. So, I went and got the friend, who by this time had gone back to do something else. I needed moral support. We got the community plunger (GROSS) and I plunged my toilet. It went back to normal within 30 seconds. I learned my lesson. Don't flush raw eggs. Or any eggs, for that matter. Weird. I know. Haha.

I just thought I would share this story because I was laughing so hard I was SCREAMING! Seriously. So, that's the story on that. Peace out.

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