Friday, June 30, 2006

Big Plans

You know, I never really know how to start my posts unless I title them and leave off with an elipsis... But anyway, I digress. What I really wanted to tell you all about was what is going on in the life of Trish. Summer always seems to be a busy time for all sorts of people. Whereas it used to be a time when we relished in summer break when we were children, it now just seems that we have so much to do that the summer offers no respite. But, I'm not complaining. I really enjoy working outside and getting my hands dirty. I enjoy the sun beating down on me so that I can work on my farmer tan. I enjoy the tasks around the house and yard that show results as I'm going along. And the thing I love most of all, I think, is when I'm asked to do other things that make me have to budget my time during the summer because I need to get all these things done. Busy-ness is just very appealing to me. Let me share the things that are "forcing" me to budget my time this summer... I have two older brothers. One lives 5 blocks away from me, and the other lives about 2 hours from me. The one who lives hours away has a wife and a son. Well, tomorrow we're going to his house to celebrate the little guy's third birthday. His birthday isn't really until the 3rd, but this is how things worked out the best for us. So, that's exciting. I am also going back down on Monday to spend the night. I'm giving my dog to them in anticipation of me (hopefully) going to seminary in January. We thought it'd be easier for her to adjust when the weather is nice and she can sniff the place out unencumbered by 3 inches of snow. So, I'm spending the night so that I can sort of transition her better. I love my dog, but this is for the best. Bro and his wife have a fenced in, multi-acre yard where she can run and play and not have to be chained up all the time. I really hope she'll like it. Another thing I'm busy with is a summer class. It's an intensive 4 week course. We just had midterm on Thursday. It's exciting because that will be 3 more credits knocked down in only 4 weeks. I'm also still working, obviously, but that's nothing new.

In Application to Candidacy news, I received a phone call from my pastor this morning. He told me that my Initial Interviewer still hadn't submitted her paperwork from my interview. The assistant to the bishop for candidacy affairs wants me to go before the committee in July, so it's important that this get done. So, Pastor called me and asked me to call the head of the candidacy committee to set up a replacement Initial Interview to be completed over the phone. While I was talking to him, we also set up an appointment for me to see the Candidacy Committee. So, my new I.I. will be on July 10, with the C.C. Interview taking place on July 29. I will have to be down to the Synod Office at 8:00 a.m. because I'm also involved in a good friend's wedding that afternoon. So, before her big day, there is also a bachelorette party, rehearsal, and hanging out involved with her impending nuptuals. And another exciting thing I'm doing is I have been offered the opportunity to preach on July 16, 30, and August 20th. Pastor will be doing everything except the sermon on the 16th because he will be busy with continuing education and doesn't want to take away from that with sermon prep. I'm just excited for the opportunities. Oh, and last, but not least, my newest nephew "Howard" is getting baptized on July 9th. My little sister and I are going to be the sponsors. I'm SO thrilled. It's going to be a special day. :) I'm happy. So, that is my summer life in a nutshell. Blessings on your own summer schedules!

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Darius said...

I wonder if the summer class will have a "lazy" feel despite the context of the rest of your schedule?

When I graduated college I discovered that two courses worth of classes hadn't been allowed to transfer - I'd gone to a different university my freshman year. So after second semester my senior year, I had to take a couple classes.

The atmosphere during the summer, and with the lighter course load, was so relaxing. Plus I got to take whatever classes I wanted for those credits, since I'd met all requirements for gen-ed and for my major.

So it was go to class, walk down the street for an ice cream cone, hang around and talk for a while, read for a little while in the library - brutal!