Wednesday, April 02, 2014


If you have not watched the movie, "Frozen" you shouldn't read this blog post because it has spoilers in it.  Fair warning.

I watched the movie, "Frozen" a couple of weeks ago, and I think it might be my new favorite Disney picture (after The Jungle Book, which I think has the best music).

"Frozen" has so much stuff in it, that it would be hard not to like.  But I like it for more than its "feel good" parts.  I like it, even though it almost made me cry.

I love the beginning part of the movie (after the ice scene) because it shows Anna and Elsa being two very-close, loving, playful sisters.  "The sky is awake, so IIII'M awake."

The thing about "Frozen" is that it has a little bit of everything in it.  The "Conceal, don't feel" bit rang home a little bit for me.  I read an article where someone was lambasting the parents for being abusive in their reaction to Elsa after what she did on accident.  The article said that they were abusive in that they separated Elsa from her sister.  But I took it more as a guilt thing.  Elsa didn't want to hurt her little sister anymore, so she separated herself away.  I don't know.

Anyway, the thing that keeps making me think about this is the scene where the king and queen said their goodbyes to the kids and said, "See you in two weeks," and then it cuts to showing them on their ship in the huge waves, and then the ship is gone. 

This isn't the first time Disney has touched upon parental death.  But, as far as I know, this is the first time BOTH parents have died at the same time.  And then Anna is at Elsa's door, with her black head scarf on, talking about how it's just them now.  Gets me every time, even when I'm just listening to the soundtrack.  It's just a movie, but being an orphan is a reality for lots of people in our world.

I wonder how kids deal with that part.  When I was a kid and Mufasa died, I got really sad.  I saw that movie for the first time not long after my own dad had died and I linked myself to Simba. 

It was probably a good idea to have one of the next scenes be a mixture of happiness and anxiety.  It doesn't totally push all those heavy emotions away, but it also helps draw viewers (at least me) out of the total sadness of the parents' deaths. 

Although this is an abrupt ending, I think that's all I'm going to say about the movie right now.  I liked it.  I liked that it dealt with heavy topics.  And I'll probably talk more about this movie later.


Sarah said...

I really liked Frozen as well.

Another aspect I greatly appreciated was that it wasn't a man who came to the rescue at the end but rather it was the sister.

Trish said...

I 100% agree. That's one of the other things I might talk about. LOVE that it was an act of true love between sisters. LOVE.