Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Crazy dreams...

Last night, I had not one, but TWO crazy dreams. Well, actually they were more nightmare like than dream like. It's been a while since I've had dreams I really remember, but these two fit that bill.

The first dream had me at my congregation. I had failed to prepare a sermon, but had talked with a seminary mate about their sermon from the previous week. The topic was about sin, and I got a good idea from either Shannon or James, I can't remember which. So, in the dream/nightmare, I was reading the Gospel lesson, and then I took 8 bouncy balls (you know the kind-you put the quarter in the machine and turn the lever til the ball comes out) and bounced them into the congregation. I said something like, "Think of sin like this...The balls are sin. Even if they don't hit you, you still duck." Then, I started talking a little more, and I was looking at the bulletin insert. When I looked up, EVERYONE was gone except for three young girls. The funny thing is, only one of them actually goes to my church. It was strange, and one of those dreams that is just unpleasant. I have always had "inadequacy dreams," even when I worked food service. I used to have a recurring dream where I was SUPER DUPER late for work at Restaurant, and my boss always sent me home. So, I'm hoping this isn't going to be a recurring dream!

My second dream was actually WAY worse. I had a nightmare then. I don't remember the WHOLE thing, but here is what I do remember:

There was some kind of HUGE earthquake. It wasn't just limited to a city or state. The way that I was "thinking" in the dream was that this was a world-wide earthquake that seriously changed things...This was like an APOCALYPTIC earthquake. It knocked out roads and phone wires and cell towers and everything. I couldn't call my sisters and brothers and I had no way of finding out if they were still alive.

When the earthquake happened, I was up at one of the Bible camps, and we were having to help the campers stay safe, and get someplace where we could get them food and water and safety. I saw a seminary friend while we were up there and I said, "Is everyone in your family okay?" She got a sad look on her face and said everyone was fine except her dad, who died. I was so sad for my friend, and I think if I'd have woken up right then, I might have been crying, but instead, I kept dreaming.

Next, I saw a United Airlines sign, but the earthquake had broken it. But, either I was able to fly out, or my sisters were able to fly in. Suddenly, I was back at my childhood home, standing out in the yard. I was trying to find my sisters, but I couldn't move. So, I just started yelling my younger sister's name. She called out, "I'm here!" So, she came over to me and I said, "I'm so happy you're alive! Is everyone else okay?" She said everyone was fine except for Oldest Brother. His wife had wanted him to go under the stairs to pray during the earthquake, and they fell on top of him and killed him. Then, we were in my old living room, sitting on my mom's old couch, and the treasurer from my congregation was sitting there. Then, the dream ended, I think.

Dreams are weird. I have mentioned before that I've ALWAYS had very vivid dreams. Usually they're just weird, and not scary. But this second dream was very scary and I didn't like it. I don't feel particularly stressed right now, and I like my call (and I think they like me), so I don't really know what brought these dreams on. The subconscious is a very weird thing. Anyway, here's hoping tonight's dreams are better.

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