Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I don't plan on dyin' anytime soon.

The results of the echocardiogram are in: Slight tricuspid and mitral valve insufficiency. Not enough to cause a whole lot of problems. Otherwise, the heart looks really good. The doc is thinking the chest weirdness was maybe something muscular or anxiety related (though I don't consider myself to be an anxious person. Maybe I am, and instead of manifesting outwardly, it goes inward. Who knows?) I'm supposed to monitor it and if I don't feel better, come back in for some more testing. No more action is needed at this point, and my activities are not restricted. I can get back to working out!


This is good news. I've been a little nervous about it, but not too much since the Echo tech didn't run screaming from the room, and because they didn't call me right away. I'm glad it doesn't seem to be anything serious. If you were praying or thinking of me, thank you.

I hope you all are having a fantastic Easter. He is risen, indeed! ALLELUIA!

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